Summer Sessions

Pre-booked sessions are no longer required and we are excited to welcome our Joyriders back to the park! Please check the occupancy widget on the homepage.

  • To assist our staff with check in please be sure to fill out our new waiver online prior to your visit. Every person entering the facility needs to complete a new waiver.In compliance with York Region guidelines masks are required in all areas of the facility anytime you are not actively riding. Please see our COVID-FAQ for more information.

    Please note: New riders will be charged a one time start up fee for a membership card.

    The health and safety of the riders and staff at Joyride 150 are of the utmost importance to us and we’ve taken every precaution possible to ensure a safe, fun, riding experience for all.

    A complete list of our health and safety protocol updates can be read on our re-opening page. See you at the park!