bikes not bullies

Joyride 150 was created for the love of bikes. The goal is for everyone who enters these doors to have a great time on two wheels, learning new skills, pushing themselves to realize they are capable of more than they thought possible. Always leaving with a smile. No one should be hindered in reaching these goals by the treatment of others.

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The purpose of this policy is to communicate to all, guests, members, spectators, parents, and employees that Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park will not in any instance tolerate bullying behavior. Visitors of the Park found in violation of this policy will be disciplined, up to and including TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP or BAN from the park.


Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park defines bullying as repeated inappropriate behavior, either direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others.


Bullying may be intentional or unintentional. However, it must be noted that when an allegation of bullying is made, the intention of the alleged bully is irrelevant, and will not be given consideration when meting out discipline. It is the effect of the behavior on the individual that is important. Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park considers the following types of behavior examples of bullying:

  • Verbal bullying: Slandering, ridiculing or maligning a person or his or her family; persistent name calling that is hurtful, insulting or humiliating; using a person as butt of jokes; abusive and offensive remarks. Use of foul language – swearing.
  • Physical bullying: Pushing, shoving, kicking, poking, tripping, assault or threat of physical assault, damage to a person’s property
  • Gesture bullying: Nonverbal threatening gestures; glances that can convey threatening messages.
  • Exclusion: Socially or physically excluding or disregarding a person in park-related activities.


In addition, the following examples may constitute or contribute to evidence of bullying in the park:

  • Persistent singling out of one person.
  • Shouting or raising voice at an individual in public or in private.
  • Using verbal or obscene gestures.
  • Not allowing the person to speak or express himself of herself (i.e., ignoring or interrupting).
  • Personal insults and use of offensive nicknames.
  • Public humiliation in any form.
  • Spreading rumors and gossip regarding individuals.
  • Encouraging others to disregard the rules of Joyride 150.
  • Unwanted physical contact, physical abuse or threats of abuse to an individual or an individual’s property (defacing or marking up property).


Failure to comply with Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park’s Anti – Bullying Policy may result in the following;

1st Offence – Verbal Warning
2nd Offence – Removal from premises without refund
3rd Offence – Park Ban/Termination of Membership without refund


Please report any suspected instances of bullying to Joyride 150 staff.

Your cooperation and understanding in creating a positive experience for all patrons is greatly appreciated. The team at Joyride 150 will always strive to create an environment that is inclusive for all who join us.