Bring your School group in to Joyride 150 for a day of progressive skill building and fun.

Students will overcome fears, learn new skills, gain confidence, encourage each other and have fun with their fellow students.

With the guidance of one of our talented instructors, your group will be guided through our entire 100,000+ square foot facility and be taught new bike handling skills and progress to more challenging features.  Tricks will be learned, laughs shared and everyone will leave with a story to tell.

A school visit at Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park helps students to gain confidence and bicycling skills in a highly controlled and safe environment. Your visit begins with a tour of the entire facility. Each student is then outfitted with a bike, helmet and knee/shin and elbow pads. All students are required to wear all protective gear while participating in the education program.

School visits can be for a maximum of 5 hours of private use of our 100,00+ square foot facility. The student to instructor ratio is 10:1. The park is divided into different areas which are clearly marked with the level of difficulty. Each student is assessed on their abilities and must show proficiency in each area before they are permitted to move to more challenging features.

A visit to Joyride 150 can be a very complimentary component to a student’s Health and Physical Education. Elementary students will learn about active participation, physical fitness and safety. Secondary students will learn the importance of active and healthy living and movement. Participation in physical activity provides students with a variety of opportunities to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence and develop positive interpersonal skills and attitudes.

Why Should You Bring Your Class to Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park?

  • help students gain self-confidence and bicycling skills in a safe and controlled environment
  • encourage healthy and active living
  •  develops gross and fine motor control, self-worth and team spirit
  • character building through physical activity and intellectual stimulation
  • demonstrate a progression of skills that lead to safe, independent cycling in the community
  • promote an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation
  • help develop interpersonal skills, behave effectively in groups
  • it is FUN!


$30 + HST per student for tour, day pass, instruction and complete rental package (bike, helmet and knee/shin and elbow pads

* Rate is based on a minimum school size of 18 students  ** One complimentary teacher/volunteer package is given for every 10 students attending the day of the trip